Archeology & Forensics Laboratory

The University of Indianapolis Archeology & Forensics Laboratory (AFL) was established in 1992 to support faculty and student research and archeological fieldwork, and to serve agencies in the Midwest on a consulting basis. The facility is administered jointly by faculty from the Departments of Biology and Anthropology. Current research foci include Alaskan prehistory, Indiana prehistory, forensic archeology, human and vertebrate osteology, human taphonomy, historic cemetery archeology, and dental anthropology.


Located in the basement of Good Hall, the 2600 square feet of floor space in the main lab includes separate rooms areas for analysis, wet-processing, artifact and skeletal curation, close-up photography, computer operations, cold storage, large equipment storage, and skeletal maceration. A limited access evidence room stores sensitive materials, and a perimeter alarm surrounds the entire facility.

A growing collection of human and non-human skeletal materials supports coursework at all levels, including our Bachelor in Science in Archeology and Master of Science in Human Biology. A separate seminar room is used for small-group instruction.

In 2002, we added a sister facility, the Indiana Prehistory Laboratory (IPL), directed by Dr. Christopher Schmidt.

Contact Information

Dr. Stephen Nawrocki
University of Indianapolis
1400 E. Hanna Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227-3697
(317) 788-3486 (office)
(317) 788-3565 (lab)
(317) 788-3569 (fax)