Midwest Bioarcheology & Forensic Anthropology Association (BARFAA)

The Midwest Bioarcheology & Forensic Anthropology Association was founded in 1994 by Dr. Leslie Eisenberg (Wisconsin) and Dr. Stephen Nawrocki (Indiana), with special help from Dr. Anne Grauer (Chicago).

Our goal is to bring together professional and student osteologists from all subfields in an informal but structured stetting. The Association was loosely modeled after similar regional groups in the Northeast (NEFAA, the Northeast Forensic Anthropology Association), Southeast (MS&B, the Mountain, Swamp, & Beach Forensic Anthropologists), and the Southwest (MD&C, the Mountain, Desert, & Coastal Forensic Anthropologists).

Our group has no formal membership or governance structure, although Dr. Nawrocki continues to serve as secretary, posting relevant information to this website on a regular basis.

The Association holds a yearly conference during a fall weekend, and attendance ranges between 50 and 100 participants each year. While the format varies according to the desires and needs of the local host, each meeting generally includes formal presented papers, informal slideshows, and hands-on workshops. Formal abstracts are generally requested by the host in advance and are eventually placed on this web site.

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Past Meeting Locations

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