Core Faculty


Stephen P. Nawrocki

Dr. Stephen P. Nawrocki – full bio

Director of Osteology, DABFA
PhD SUNY-Binghamton 1992
Professor of Biology & Anthropology

Specialties: skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, human taphonomy, osteoarcheology, skeletal age estimation, biostatistics, historic cemeteries

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(317) 788-3486

Gregory A. Reinhardt

Dr. Gregory A. Reinhardt – full bio

Director of Archeology
PhD UCLA 1986
Professor, Chair of Anthropology

Specialties: Arctic archeology, field methods, photography, forensic archeology, dental anthropology

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(317) 788-3440

Christopher W. Schmidt

Dr. Christopher W. Schmidt – full bio

Director of the Indiana Prehistory Laboratory
PhD Purdue 1998
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Specialties: dental anthropology, bioarcheology, scanning electron microscopy, Indiana prehistory, dietary reconstruction

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(317) 788-2103

Current Research Associates

Dr. Neal H. Haskell, BCE (PhD Purdue 1993; Associate Professor of Biology, St. Joseph's College, Rensselaer IN): forensic entomology (appointed 1995)

Dr. James R. Jones (PhD Indiana 1989; Indiana State Archeologist, DHPA-DNR): historic archeology, burial laws & legislation (appointed 1995)

Susan A. Nawrocki (MA SUNY-Binghamton 1993): forensic botany, natural resources education, wildlife conservation (appointed 2003)

Curtis H. Tomak (MS Indiana 1970; Archeologist, Indiana Deptartment of Transportation): Indiana prehistory (appointed 1997)

Former Research Associates

Stace Alcala (BS Tennessee 1987): vertebrate osteology, human anatomy (1995-2002)

Rob Mann (MA Ball State University 1994): historic archeology, French Canadians in Indiana (1993-1995)

William L. Mangold (MA Pennsylvania 1987; Archeologist, DHPA-DNR): Indiana prehistory (1997-2004)

Dr. Donnell C. Marlin (DDS Indiana 1956, DABFO; Indiana U. School of Dentistry): forensic dentistry (1997-2004)

Dr. Christopher W. Schmidt (1995-1998)

Dr. Matthew A. Williamson (PhD Purdue 1998; Associate Professor of Health & Kinesiology, University of Southern Georgia, Statesboro): forensic anthropology, paleopathology, Georgia prehistory (1995-2002)