Laboratory Services

Currently the lab consults on 20 to 30 human remains cases a year, including recent, historic, and prehistoric skeletal remains. We regularly serve the Indiana University School of Medicine, the Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and numerous county coroners, police agencies, and private archeological and legal firms in the Midwest.

In September of 2001, the University of Indianapolis Archeology & Forensics Laboratory was selected as the recipient of the annual State of Indiana Archaeology Award by the Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology of the Department of Natural resources, for repeated assistance on emergency human remains cases.

Consulting Services

Consulting Fees

The motto for the University of Indianapolis is "Education for Service." The faculty of the AFL adhere to and support the philosophy that underlies this motto -- we are training students to give something back to the community. Therefore, we do not consider financial profit to be a main objective of our consulting work. The following guidelines generally apply:

Money generated by skeletal casework is used to purchase equipment and lab supplies and to fund student and faculty travel to professional meetings and training seminars.